In my over 20-year career as a creative designer, my focus has shifted from creating physical print materials to designing with and for people. This change has brought about a significant shift in my approach to design, both in terms of philosophy and practice. I have bridged the gap between my design skills and the new design methodologies introduced by the technology industry for product design. I embrace adaptability and continuous learning to successfully transition into a more human-centered designer. This means that I now understand the importance of designing with people and helping them achieve their goals while also contributing to the company culture.
While I am a multi-disciplinary designer, my core strengths are in Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Management of Design Projects.​​​​​​​
With a proven track record across multiple industries including Fashion, Entertainment, Education, and Social Media to name a few, Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work with brands like Disney, Univision, Adidas, and many more.
During my tenure, I was able to deliver key results including, implementing DesignOps principles and optimizing design processes, we enhanced the customer experience, resulting in 30% increased satisfaction and retention rates.
Led the development and implementation of a cohesive visual identity across all marketing channels, significantly increasing our brand visibility.
Introduced collaborative tools and techniques resulting in a 20% reduction in project turnaround time. This facilitated smoother communication and synergy among cross-functional teams.
Currently serving clients in professional design services, Production Design (video/audio), DesignOps, and Management.
Here's what some of my previous clients have to say about working with me.
Beyond my experience and career results, I am a dad, I enjoy Art, Music, Archery, and playing Backgammon. 
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